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The Heros Journey

Storytelling is as ancient as man and a powerful way of conveying an idea or concept. A good story helps people understand just what effect your business can have and how it can benefit them on a personal level.

There is a timeless framework for a good story and that is called “The hero’s journey. Put simply the hero comes across an obstacle, trial or struggle. A secret is revealed or a guide is found, and with this new power and a period of struggle, the hero overcomes and things are even better than before.

There are three ways you can write a powerful and emotive story for your business so there is always something you can do.

The best way, if you can, is to use your personal story!  If you have a powerful story that explains WHY you do what you do, share it. It gives you relatability and credibility. You have been where they are and you know the way out.

If you don’t have a personal story you can take the example of a previous client and describe how you helped them go from THIS to THAT. What was the transformation or experience you helped them have.

If you don’t have a personal and don’t yet have a client story, you can write a hypothetical story. One that your prospect could write themselves into. Describe how they can be the hero of there own story with your help.

Once you have written your story, step away from it for a day or two and then read it afresh. Get some people to give you feedback on it as you may need to clarify some aspects.

Once you have it polished and ready, you can share it on the ABOUT page of your website, on the OUR STORY section of your Facebook page, in email newsletters, you could narrate it as an audio file, you could get some images to illustrate your story and convert it into a video and you can share it when networking.

You can have a long version and a short version, even condense it down to one sentence if possible. “Once I was Lost, now I am found”

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