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A small business event

A Small Business EventEvery small business has the potential to benefit from a well-planned and organised event.

A Small Business Event doesn’t have to mean a stadium of thousands either. It could be 6 people in your lounge room or an online meeting.

What is a small business event?

A small business event is simply a gathering of people, who share a common interest. The event could be ‘in person’ or online. It will be educational or entertaining or both depending on the audience and subject. It will have at least one organiser or host and attendees. It could have a ticket price anywhere from zero to hundreds of dollars.

Who should host a small business event?

Any small business could benefit in some way. A hairdresser could demonstrate new techniques or products, train staff and build reputation all at the same time.
An engineering company could hold an online event to discuss industry concerns and position themselves as being pro-active in their industry.
A hotel could host an regular online event to showcase the regions unique points of interest and build interest in the region and build a valuable referral network at the same time.
An accountant could hold an event to discuss changes to Tax law or succession planning or software packages. This would be of value to their existing client base and create and opportunity to contact new clients.
With some creative thought there is a way any business could and should being using events.

Why host a small business event?

They are a great opportunity to build a sense of community around your business because they create something your existing clients can be a part of.
They are an opportunity to add value to your existing client base, by giving information and/or entertainment.
It is a great opportunity to reach out to new customers.
They are great for and showcasing new products or service.
They position you as being proactive and a leader in your field.
They are a great way to build your email list and Facebook audience which you can then re-market to.

When to host a small business event?

In short, anytime you have something new, interesting or entertaining to share with your clients.

Why some businesses don’t host events and what to do about it.

#1 It can be scary. Putting yourself out there and saying, hey look at me and my business can be terrifying or great fun depending on how you feel about it.
The terrifying thought for most people is, what if I hold an event and none wants to come.
What that means is REJECTION. Aargh.
What that actually means is maybe you didn’t do your homework and find out what people wanted before you launched your event. Perhaps you did do your homework but it gave you the wrong answer.
Either way it is easily solved by simply trying something else.
Ask your existing customers what they’d like.
Keep trying different things until you hit the right spot.
Remember, your customers are not excited about your business or your new products. They’re interested in what that means to them.

#2 They’re too busy.
Fantastic. Have you considered putting up your prices a little? Take on a bit less work, make the same money or more and have a bit more time to really lavish on your best customers.

#3 Just never thought about it.
Well here’s the opportunity to have a think. Jump on the Rock @ Events, Event on Wednesday night and you will receive the Free Checklist that will guide you step by step through everything you need to do to hold a successful event.

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