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Single Page Website V Multi Page


Single page website design is having a resurgence in fashion. Website design follows fashion trends just like many other things. A trend that’s popular today is single page websites that have sections for different subjects and the menu bar at the top doesn’t actually take you to separate Pages it just takes you to different sections on the same page.

I’ve included a link to a local business just to show you an example of a single page style. If you click on the menu bar you’ll see that it takes you a a section of the one long page.

This website is a lovely piece of design and when I first clicked on it and it started to load, I could tell it was going to look nice because the different design elements were starting to build on my screen, but it did take a long while to load and this is the trade off.

The advantage of this style especially on a mobile device is that once you’ve loaded the page its very easy to scroll down that long page with no need for a menu at all, you can just keep scrolling to access all the different content section. Each time someone has to click a button you run the risk of losing them off your website. So the advantage in having a single page website is to keep people on the site and viewing all of the content with no menu clicking to get in the way.

The downside, is the load time it took a long while even on my PC for this page to load. There’s a lot of content, a lot of images and it’s a big page. The risk is, I may not wait for it to load. I may simply go somewhere else.

I make no judgement about the rights and wrongs of this site, it simply is a balance. That’s the equation that we have to weigh up and consider with this style of website.

You can help yourself though by making sure the content at the top of the page loads first, loads quickly and is engaging. Sliders with big images and little to no text don’t generally engage people well. (That’s a topic for another day). Giving people something useful to read, that will load quickly, near the top of the page will encourage people to stay while the rest of the page loads. They may not even notice that the rest of the page hasn’t loaded if they’re busy engaged with the content at the top.

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