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Should I Blog About My Business?

Should I blogBusiness owners are still asking, Should I Blog About My Business? The simple answer of course is, it depends.

I’m going to focus here just on blogging for business, because many blogs are a personal thing, where time and money have different meanings.

Blogging for business ranges from being a business in its own right. Creating a good revenue from high quality, professionally presented content. To a complete waste of the businesses time and money.

So, who should blog about their business?

There are no rules here but these are my observations.

Blogging should be a part of your social media strategy if you COULD have;

Knowledge to share, that will be of value to your customers.

Repeat sales with the same people.

Building rapport and trust is important in your sales process

Referral and networking is part of your sales process

A reasonably high sales value or customer lifetime value.

The reason I emphasised ‘COULD’ have is that many small businesses could have these things but don’t realise it as yet.

So, why should I blog about my business?

Remember, ‘People do business with people they know, like and trust’.

So, if you have knowledge that will benefit your customers, share it, we like people who help us.

If you can entertain your customers in a way that gives them some fun and helps to build rapport with your business, you are making it easier for them to like you.

If they know you, like you and you are positioned as an authority in your field, they can trust you.

If they know, like and trust you, you are open for business.

So, how should I blog about my business?

Start by looking at just what your business does from a customer’s perspective.

Many businesses serve more than one distinct client group. A florist shop for example sells flowers but it could be for a funeral or a wedding and both groups of clients will have very different interests at any one time.

Categories form the basis for the blog’s structure and make it easier for people to find what they’re interested in, so break up what you do into logical ‘categories’.

Use your businesses ‘Keywords’ as a list of potential topics to write about.

Make a list of topics to avoid sitting at a blank screen hoping for inspiration.

Anytime something comes up that you think would make a good blog post capture your thoughts about it and add it to the list right away. I use the voice recorder on my phone.

Remember your goals knowledge and/or entertainment. Don’t take your customers time for granted. Be relevant to your clients. Be yourself.

So, when should I blog about my business?

Make yourself a plan to post on a regular basis. ‘Regular’ could be daily, twice weekly, weekly, even monthly but whatever you choose, everything I’ve ever read about blogging tells me, blog regularly. It’s easy to be very stop start but it doesn’t work as well.

You can create a whole years’ worth of content at once if you like, but only post it on a regular basis.

So, where should I blog about my business?

If you have access to your business website and can do your own updates this is a great place to start. It’s great for your website SEO as it encourages Search Engines to re-visit your site each time there’s a change. Remember Google now ranks each page of your website independently. One well written blog post, could rank above your business website, if Google determines it has more relevant content to the searcher.

Once you’ve published your post you can share a link to it on your Facebook business page, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. feeds. You can include links to your posts in your regular email, mail out with a brief summary of what the subject matter is. These are all good strategies for bringing new visitors to your site and building traffic.

Alternatives to posting on your website are writing articles on Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn or recording a video and sharing that.

I’ve seen a lot of articles about re-purposing your content and posting the same content in multiple places.

I can see some merit in this as not everyone will see all your content in any one place. BUT the risk is that you appear lazy and that your audience get put off by finding the post you just shared is something they’ve already seen.

On balance, I would avoid it. You can certainly use the same topic, but create original content for each channel and stick to just one or two channels plus your website.

Do one or two things well rather than spread yourself all over and not really connect with anyone.

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