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Sell To Wants Not Needs?

Sell To Wants Not Needs

There is a big difference between a want and a need. Sell To Wants Not Needs?

As business owners it’s tempting to try and meet people needs. We’re nice people. It pays much better to meet their wants.

A Lawyer friend of mine was bemoaning his life because he was having a constant struggle to get paid by his clients. As he said, no one goes to a Lawyer because they want to, they only see me when they need to (Have to) and then it is a grudge purchase. A bit like paying tax.

Why Sell To Wants Not Needs?

Rarely do we buy something because we want it. We tell our self we need it. We don’t just want a new pair of shoes, we ‘need’ a new pair. Most of the time we are (happily) deceiving ourselves.

Even when we really do ‘need’ a new pair of shoes we buy the look, style or brand, we ‘want’.

You might need a car but you buy a particular brand or model because that’s the one you want. One person will choose a Porsche because it has the looks and the speed they want. Someone else will buy an SUV because it has the space they want and so on.

As business owners we can get distracted trying to meet needs. They might seem easier to satisfy, more logical and more compelling. Your customer though will buy what they want, so you’d better sell what they want not what they need.

There is a saying in marketing that goes, “Sell them what they want, give them what they need”.

An example of this is the ad that talks about losing weight, getting a toned and muscular body and the man or woman of your dreams, which are all the things the customer wants.

What they get, is what they need. A 6 month programme of sweat and hard work at the gym. Which do you think would sell better?

Making Sure You Sell To Wants Not Needs?

So ask yourself some questions about your business.

What do your customers want from you or your products?

What is most aspirational, fulfilling, satisfying or desirable about your product or service?

Listen to your customers wants.

Craft your marketing message in a way that speaks to that.

Now the obvious caveat here is truth and honesty. I’m not suggesting you make false or misleading claims.

I do see ad after ad though from small businesses that talk about the facts of the product even as a headline.

By all means include the details, never be deceitful, but make sure you get their attention first by addressing their wants.

Good luck and as always if you’d like to learn more, feel free to get in touch.