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Do I Need To know About SEO?

Need to know about SEONeed to know about SEO

YES! And here’s why you Need To know About SEO. A few days ago, I had one of those regular calls from the slick salesman offering me SEO for the new domain I had just registered.

This wasn’t the guy from Mumbai this was the guy from probably the Gold Coast at a guess. Australian accent and good with the chat.

Good enough to get my guard down and actually get me drawn into a conversation. My mistake. I made the comment that I didn’t feel that my small local business actually would benefit from his SEO service at which he laughed loudly and hung up on me.

Hopefully for him, he made himself feel better by hanging up on me and it gave him the mental resilience to pick up the phone and try again.

It got me thinking though, was I missing something? Was that really a funny thing to say? What do I need to know about SEO?

First thing to know about SEO is;

For any search engine optimization, be effective, people must be searching for what you sell.

It’s of no value being at the top of the first page in Google if nobody types in a search for that keyword or phrase.

Secondly thing to know about SEO is;

If you only serve one smallish town, and only have a few competitors, chances are you will all be on page one anyway. Yes, it’s good to be above your competitors but that may not take much to achieve and it certainly doesn’t need a monthly fee to keep you there.

What else you need to know about SEO?

First, there’s SEO in the true sense which means simply optimizing your business presence on Google and other search engines.

A few years ago, this was all about your website, now this can include specific individual pages of your website, your Facebook page, a video on YouTube, your Google ‘My Business’ page, your LinkedIn profile and so on.

All of these things can rank independently on Google and may or may not show up in a search.

Optimizing all of them is now SEO.

Secondly there is pay per click advertising (PPC) where you can target your ads and show them to people who are searching for specific things. That is generally Google Adwords advertising which is quite a different thing.

In the first scenario (The SEO) you are just trying to present yourself prominently to people who are looking for what you do and it’s free traffic.

In the second instance the PPC Advertising. You are trying to capture the attention of someone who is only ‘potentially’ in your demographic, throw an irresistible offer at them and hope they take the bait. Each bite you get costs you money.

In a nutshell

Pay per click ads can work extremely well. I’m definitely not knocking them, BUT, for small businesses and especially local small businesses the first priority should be to get your online presence looking good and working well. Capture all the free traffic possible before you advance to paying for it. Even when you advance to paid traffic, Adwords may not be the best choice for a local small business.

If you’ve got any questions about “Do I Need To know About SEO?” or you want to tell me your horror story about how much you spent on SEO already 🙂 just give me a call or drop me an Email. I’d love to hear from you. I promise I won’t laugh. 🙂

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