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Coaching Programs Q&A

Here are some of the questions I get asked most often

How does business coaching work and will it work for me?

It works predominantly by posing questions that cause you to think outside of your current thinking. It causes you to answer questions you haven’t yet asked yourself and find answers you hadn’t been looking for. It is precisely because it comes from outside the business that it has the power to create change and bring structure to the process of doing business. Business coaching has no preconceived ideas, prejudices or emotions attached. Business coaching is always fresh and new because it always starts with a blank canvas. Will it work for you? Absolutely as long as you are open and willing to adapt and change. To be honest, you are the only person that can prevent it working.

Are you an expert in my industry?

Possibly not, but more importantly I am an expert in business coaching. Being an expert in my business is more valuable than knowing the fine detail of yours. If you want to be fresh, innovative and competitive in today’s new environment and outperform your competitors then you need a coach that is great at coaching. I’m going to assume that you are great at what you do. You just need a great business in which to do it.

Does coaching work for my type of business?

Any business that is wanting to improve in some measure, can benefit from business coaching. Not every business can afford it, and the type of coaching will vary but YES, as long as you are open to change and willing to do what it takes, coaching will benefit your business.

Do you use a system, if so what is it?

Definitely! What kind of example would I be if I just made it up as I went along. I have a plan and there’s a suite of tools I use, but exactly how I use those tools and where we focus, is different for every business. Every new client relationship starts with a good look at where the business is now, what’s currently going on, what is working well and what could be better. Next we plan out what the goals are. This is important for you as the business owner and it gives you a measure against which to measure my effectiveness. The third step is to make an action plan that will fill in the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

How can I measure the return on my investment in coaching?

You’re in business, you should always be mindful of return on investment. Coaching is no exception. ROI from coaching could be purely financial, growth in leads or sales for example. It could also be measured in other terms. Improved work/life balance, decreased stress levels, decreased staff turnover. Part of the initial process is to decide what the indicators will be to measure your ROI.

Why does the program take a year?

Sometimes, especially in marketing, you can have some quick wins. Little things can make a big difference and the results measured straight away. More often though a business takes time to respond to changes and for the full effect of planning and implementing changes to be seen takes time. I encourage you to take a long term view of your business and set your course for years to come not weeks or months.

I'm too busy for coaching, can you still help?

I hear this often. I couldn’t possibly spare the time for coaching. If it’s true, then you really need to have some coaching. Something in your business has to change. My first task would be to get you back a few hours a month so you can focus more on your business and spend a little less time IN your business. If you are under that much pressure, your business is suffering and quite possibly so is your health.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! I stand by all my work. I guarantee that you will not lose by taking this program. If you don’t feel you have benefitted and achieved the steps we laid out at the beginning I would continue to work with you until you have. Of course you must participate fully and fairly in the program in order for the guarantee to remain valid.

Why do people say it's expensive but worth it?

Lots of businesses sell themselves short. They don’t charge enough to allow them to do a great job. They charge the minimum they can and then have to cut corners to make ends meet. Do you want to do business with someone who is already cutting corners? Of course not. Neither would I. The question is not is it expensive or cheap. The only question that matters is, “Is it worth it”? My goal in business has always been to ensure the answer is a resounding yes! I encourage all my clients to do the same.

Can I afford coaching?

Before we start any coaching I will spend time 1:1 with you going over exactly how the numbers stack up and where your ROI will come from. If the numbers don’t add up, don’t do it.

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