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Single Page Website V Multi Page

  Single page website design is having a resurgence in fashion. Website design follows fashion trends just like many other things. A trend that’s popular today is single page websites that have sections for different subjects and the menu bar at the top doesn’t actually take you to separate Pages it just takes you to […]

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Should I Blog About My Business?

Business owners are still asking, Should I Blog About My Business? The simple answer of course is, it depends. I’m going to focus here just on blogging for business, because many blogs are a personal thing, where time and money have different meanings. Blogging for business ranges from being a business in its own right. […]

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Do I Need To know About SEO?

YES! And here’s why you Need To know About SEO. A few days ago, I had one of those regular calls from the slick salesman offering me SEO for the new domain I had just registered. This wasn’t the guy from Mumbai this was the guy from probably the Gold Coast at a guess. Australian […]

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