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Boost Your Social Media Performance

7 People That Can Help Improve Your Social Media Performance

Social Media is demanding and thrusts you into the spotlight. These people will  help you be a social media success.

If you know Social Media does work, but you want to do it better, there are 7 People That Can Help Boost Your Social Media Performance.

Life Coaches

If you ever feel apprehensive about being a public figure, public speaking, recording videos or being interviewed, a good life coach can help you.

A few years ago I took a Diploma Course in Life Coaching  and I learnt some really valuable skills. I learnt how to conduct a great training session, how to write great copy for advertising, how to create great content that keeps people engaged during a webinar. I found new ways of thinking about the world, my place in it, my worries and fears and my true value and most importantly I discovered how to help other people reach more of their potential.

Amongst the general population there is a wide range of opinions about Life Coaching and people have had a range of different experiences good and bad.

My advice to you is to look into it yourself. Life coaches are just like musicians in that there are many different styles. Look for someone that you resonate with. It’s no good reading testimonials or reviews because one person’s experience may be totally different to your own but do check it out. There is gold there if you mine for it.

Personal Trainers

Whaaaaat, have I gone crazy? What the hell does a personal trainer have to do with social media?

Well, if you lack energy because your body is out of shape it will come across in your posts, webinars and videos. Just think of the top ten people you follow on social media. What are their energy levels like? Do they come across as healthy and convey a sense of vitality? My bet is they are at least reasonably fit and healthy and more probably above average.

So if you lack energy and vitality, a personal trainer could be a good investment, both physically and financially.

Dieticians and Nutritionist

In the same way a personal Trainer can help you increase your vitality, so too they can educate your about the food you eat. I’m not here to tell you, you should eat this or that but what I do know is that you can’t perform your best or be the leader you want to be if you aren’t looking after your body and feeding it good fuel.

Public Speaking Trainers

It is often said that the most dreaded thing in life is public speaking. Some people rate it as more fearful than death itself.

Overcoming any fears you might have around public speaking can be a real confidence booster when it comes to recording videos, webinars, workshops and even just being confident to express yourself in posts and blogs.

Many people live their lives carefully moderating everything they say and do. Calculating in advance any possible effect it might have on others, how it will be received or interpreted, what other people might think etc. Public speaking training and Life coaching will help you overcome your fears and allow you to find your own true voice.

Image consultants

I know, looks aren’t everything! But when your audience only have a little profile photo and very little else to judge you by, believe me, looks matter.

Should we be so superficial? Well perhaps not, but think about it. If you had to do in depth research into every decision you made, every web page you visited, or chose not to visit, you would never get your work done. You make split second decisions based on very little information all the time online and so do your potential audience. So yes looks do matter.

That is not to say we all have to be any particular stereo type though. You just need to look relatable to your specific audience. If your audience is 50-60 year old women and you are a 50-60 year old woman, some grey hair and a few extra kilos might make you very relatable. It is simply a question of presenting yourself well in a way that is consistent with your product, brand or business. A look that your audience will instantly relate to. There are people who specialize in doing exactly that for you.


One you have your image sorted, get some good photographs taken. If you want to be a success on social media and have it work for you then don’t have your grandchildren as your profile pic, or your dog. There is no right and wrong. There are millions of great profile images, all different. The key is that it looks professional and in keeping with your image as a leader of your audience. People want to be able to see your face clearly. Thousands of years of conditioning means we are extremely good at reading faces. We trust ourselves to do that, as long as we can see the face clearly. If we can’t see it clearly we start to doubt. Take a fresh look at your profile images and make sure you are sending the right message at a first glance.

Graphic Designers

Now I’m getting really critical but yes, the design of your social media banners and logos make a difference and the experts at creating design that fits your brand and audience are graphic designers. Yes we can all get access to photoshop or use Canva and knock up an acceptable looking banner, but if you want to present well and get traction with your social media I suggest you get a graphic designer to create your artwork for you.

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