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Being yourself at work

Being yourself at work

I want to share some thoughts on being yourself at work, especially in light of the announcements from Facebook yesterday about the changes to Facebook pages and their algorithms.

It has been my firm conviction for some time that the only successful strategy for small business to adopt for the future is quite simply, ‘be good at being yourself’.

Sounds simple and it is, but it certainly isn’t easy.

For a start, many people find being themselves impossible simply because, privately, they don’t feel that “They” are acceptable just as they are.

The concept of us all truly being able to be ourselves is an exciting change and from my perspective one of THE most profound changes of this decade. Technology is great and it changes the world we live in but the change in our society and culture changes the mindset we live with. The idea that we can be just what we want to be is mind boggling to many. Even if you hear it and believe it on an intellectual level, it may not be your reality.

The fact that everyone can be what they like, doesn’t mean it will be successful for them in business though. I was scanning through my Instagram feed this morning and a small business owner had a post and included the hashtag #Fuckwork among others that clearly gave the impression that they really didn’t like their work. That’s fine, they’re being honest, I can respect that, but I’m also not going to hire them.

So this year, my focus is helping business owners take a really good look at themselves and the personal aspect of their business to see what is working, what needs to shift and helping them make that shift in thinking that will pay huge dividends in their business AND personal life. Challenging stuff. The messenger bots and algorithms are all important. Facebook paid ads and a great website is important. So are you!
Social media means none of us in business can hide. We have to be transparent, confident and likeable and that has to be a good thing. We will all have to bring our personal A game to work.

We live in exciting times.

Please feel free to share this post on any of your social media. I believe it is a really important message.

Cheers now