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The business, ‘Savvy Small Business’ was really conceived in the heady days of the 1980’s.

Australia was booming, greed was good and whatever you did made a profit. Young, energetic and ambitious, my wife and I worked two jobs, ran a kiosk weekday evenings and a market stall on weekends.

We saved our deposit and bought our first home. Two years later, boom turned to bust and we just managed to sell our home in time to pay out the mortgage and walk away with nothing. A sobering lesson. Perhaps there was more to making money than just hard work.

Fast forward to 2015. My wife passed away and all the dreams and plans we had, meant nothing anymore.  It was stocktake time.

Business wise there were now only four things that mattered; My business had to be financially profitable, it had to make a difference to others whilst still allowing me flexibility and a chance to travel and it would mean I get to work with like-minded positive people.

The Savvy Small Business was born.

Paul Webster

Paul Webster ~ Savvy Small Business

To formalize my years of small business ownership at the school of hard knocks, I studied small business management, online marketing, life coaching and NLP. Started several online businesses and spent thousands of hours watching, doing, looking and learning.

I observed a shift towards self-employment in small business. People using their talents to create a job. Some of these small businesses have huge potential but sometimes they lack some business savvy and the potential is missed. Some fall over and some just struggle. This is where the Savvy Small Business comes in.

The Savvy Small Business vision is to become the model for supplying Small Business Support Services to the Small Businesses of Australia.

I provide Marketing Strategy, WordPress Website Builds, Social Media Management, Personal Development, and Staff Training. I take care of the things many small businesses don’t have the personnel or the time to properly manage themselves.

The Savvy Small Business has come of age.