Customer Service lessons from Telstra, the NBN and McDonalds - Savvy Small Business

Lessons about Customer Service

Years ago Telstra was a Government owned utility with a monopoly. It could treat its customers with disdain and get away with it.
When the government of the day decided they wanted to sell it off, they had a major shakeup. Customer service lifted, especially for the business sector and even though that might seem a distant memory for many, it’s the truth. Telstra did a great job of lifting its game and getting closer to its customers. Major downsizing and outsourcing meant much of the dead wood could be cleaned out and new better systems introduced.
Then came the NBN.
Having sold off Telstra, the government then kicked it in the guts by making its biggest asset (the network) redundant and paying billions to a new player in the market. A kick in the guts for all the mum and dad investors too. The new owner of our nation’s telecommunications network, (another monopoly) is now just as unreachable and incompetent as the worst days of the Public utility days of Telstra.
We love to bash Telco’s almost as much as banks, but it my experience, every issue I’ve had with the NBN, (and there’s been a few) has been a direct result of actions or inaction of NBN and nothing to do with any of the telcos. The telcos are just as reliant as we are on the NBN network for their business. They are (in my experience) the ones left apologizing to their customers when it’s the NBN that have stuffed up.
The moral of the story
Good customer service comes when we have to depend on keeping our customer happy.
Anytime a business (large or small) gets the idea it doesn’t have to try, it runs the risk of getting lazy.
Maybe business is good at the moment. Maybe you don’t have much competition. Never let that stop you focusing on customer service. McDonald’s didn’t get where it is by being inattentive to its customers. You might not like it, but it delivers what its customers want, in spades.