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Build A Marketing System

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And Then Relax

The who, what, why, where and when. Understanding your market is key for every successful marketing campaign.

Create the online pathway that will walk the right people right from first contact with your business to making the sale.

Create a structure for the content you will share. Content your market will respond to and a simple process to get it done consistently.

The challenge and accountability stage. The most valuable part of the programme to ensure ongoing and lasting results. 

Learn where to pay attention, listen to your leads, ask the right questions and look for new opportunities to network and expand your influence.

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Savvy Small Business Owners & Managers

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Planning & Strategy

Set aside a little time to make a  plan for your business marketing. 

I help small business owners & managers make a structure plan for their Marketing. What you need to do, where you will do it, who will do it and more.

These sessions will transform the way you see marketing and form the base for all your Marketing activity

Social Media Management

Is Social Media the lifeblood of your business or a massive drain on your resources?

If you're frustrated with your results from social media, Savvy Small Business can help

I provide Personal Development, Marketing Strategy, Website design, Social Media Management and Staff Training and take care of the things many small businesses don't have the personnel, the time or the interest to take care of themselves.

If you own or manage a small business and would like support with your Online Marketing or simply a Mentor and Coach to talk to, then give me a call.

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